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Current Turnaround Estimate: 4-6 Weeks

Reusable Wipes

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Each reusable wipe is made from organic jersey on the front and 100% organic cotton fleece on the reverse. The fleece is a random selection of white, blue and pink.

The smaller wipes are approximately 3 inches square and are a perfect replacement for cotton wool pads or disposable face wipes.

The larger wipes are approximately 5 inches square and have many uses, from wiping bums, cleaning grubby hands, to cleaning up a spill on the worktop!

The wipes should be washed at 30 without fabric softener because this affects their absorbency.  If you want to give them a wash at a higher temperature every now and again for hygiene purposes, then they should be fine, but be aware that the jersey may wear faster than normal.  

Each set of 5 wipes will contain a random selection of prints with no duplicates. I’m afraid it isn’t possible to choose your fabrics, but if there’s one you particularly want I will try my best to include it.

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* Please note, all items are made to order. Current turnaround times can be found in the announcements section of the Roopie’s Rainbow Facebook group, or by dropping me an email*