Current Turnaround Estimate: 2-5 Weeks

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July Pre Order - CLOSED

The below fabrics are available to pre order now! They are 95% Organic Cotton, 5% Lycra and are a medium weight jersey.

The mock ups aren’t to exact scale - they are just to give an idea of how the fabric will look.


I am only ordering enough to cover pre orders, so please grab it now to avoid disappointment.

To order you can find the fabric names below and then use these in the appropriate boxes on the pages of the items you want. Then at checkout, select the ‘Pre Order’ option rather than Paypal, and you will be able to checkout without making payment.  I will then send you an invoice with a minimum payment requirement of 30%, which acts as a deposit.  You don’t have to pay the balance until the fabric arrives.  Invoices will be sent within 24 hours.

The fabric is due late September, but this is just an estimate so please be prepared for a degree of flexibility.  As it stands orders will be dispatched within 4 weeks 5 weeks* of the fabric reaching me, but if this pre order goes anything like the last one, I may have to extend that.  If that happens, only orders from that point will be affected. The current closing date is August 9th, but I may bring that forward if I reach the maximum number of orders I can handle.

* from 24/07 onwards

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