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Matching Set Discounts

Because everyone loves a bit of matchy matchy I have now introduced a 10% discount for orders containing two or more items made from the same main material.  Think sibling sets, Mama and baby, Daddy and daughter etc - whatever you fancy! It also works for gift sets, so maybe a pair of newborn harems, plus a matching hat and bib, for example.  

The items don’t have to be the same and you don’t have to have the same trim fabrics (cuffs, neckbands etc) on each item, but the feature fabric has to be the same. If you wanted a more subtle adult option you could always go for a solid colour for the main part of the item, then the feature fabric for the trim. That would still count as matching.

How to get the discount!

To get the discount all you have to do is enter the code TWINNING at checkout, BUT PLEASE READ THIS NEXT BIT FIRST…

Because of the limitations of my somewhat basic website (can you tell I built it myself!), the code will work on all items regardless of whether they are matching or not. If your order also contains non-matching items please check these out separately and use the code COMBINE to remove the second postage charge.

Any orders where the discount code has been incorrectly applied will be put on hold and a PayPal invoice sent for the balance.  

P.S. If you read this far you deserve that discount! ;)

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