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Fabric Guide

Organic Cotton Lycra

Cotton Lycra is made using organic cotton and a small proportion (usually 5%) of Lycra.  This gives the fabric a good amount of stretch and also means that it recovers well and keeps its shape.  

The weight of Cotton Lycra varies, but on the whole is a medium to light weight jersey - think tshirt and leggings fabric.

100% Organic Cotton

This fabric contains no lycra, so has slightly less stretch and isn’t quite so good at holding its shape.  It is lovely and soft, and slightly thicker than Cotton Lycra, so perfect for babies and toddlers.  It is great for tops for all ages, but I would avoid using it for bottoms for older children and adults, simply because it doesn’t recover quite so well.

It is not suitable for waistbands.

Woven Cotton

Woven Cotton is a lighter weight fabric with no stretch.  It is suitable for Pinafore Dresses and Woven Skirts only.

French Terry

French Terry is similar to jersey, but is slightly thicker and is made in a way that traps the air giving it extra warmth.  Think lighter weight sweatshirt fabric. I have two versions of this in stock.  The majority has a textured back and the rest have a super soft brushed back. Both are the same weight.

French Terry is great for most clothing but isn’t suitable for waistbands. For most of the colours I have a jersey equivalent that can be used for the bands instead. For the few that I don’t, a different colour/print will need to be chosen.